Serendipity Immobiliare was born from the idea of ​​two young entrepreneurs with the aim of incorporating all the services necessary to obtain a safe and fair trade with current market prices.


"SERENDIPITY" means "the luck of making happy discoveries by pure chance" this is the meaning of our Brand and it is precisely what we feel we are offering you sure that your happy discovery will not depend on the "case", but on the fruit of our work that we improve every day to offer you a unique and exclusive experience.


The real estate market is changing and we are changing with him because as Albert Einstein said "the madness is always doing the same thing expecting different results" and we at Serendipity Immobiliare have fully embraced this philosophy.


We will put our knowledge at your disposal, guaranteeing you a cutting-edge professional figure, using estimation methods updated to the current market value, studying targeted solutions, using the best online and offline marketing strategies.


Our team will conduct all the negotiations meticulously for a safe and transparent sale to protect the parts, guaranteeing you high-level services and tools always in step with the times, this thanks to a training course that allows us to be always updated for offer you the right advice for buying and selling your most valuable asset.


Serendipity Immobiliare also has a "team of collaborator" for all your needs taking all your needs to heart by finding the right solutions to your needs. In fact we will not limit ourselves to accompanying you to the sale of the property, but we will put at your disposal all our partners to give you a 360 ° service that goes from the mediation to the credit counseling up to the restructuring and we will follow you remaining at your side until the realization of the your purpose because from the moment you enter our agency your goal will become ours.